PS Vita TV could ‘technically’ stream PS3 games

PS Vita TV will play PSP, PSOne and Vita titles, and will eventually be able to stream PS4 titles once both devices are on sale. But how about PS3?

In a recent round table interview, Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, explained that the streaming set is “technically” capable of supporting PS3 titles through the same cloud-based streaming that will bring PS3 titles to its successor.
So how about that then? PS Vita, PSP, PSOne, PS4 and PS3 games. Now all we need is the PS2 line-up.
PS Vita TV sounds like it could be a great. What do you think?

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  1. Are you aware of where exactly i could have a cheap ps3, i’m on
    a budget and my son 6th birthday is next month.

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