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FIFA 14 detailed, first screens. Pre Order now @ Video Game Box

FIFA 14 detailed, first screens. Pre Order now @ Video Game Box

EA has at last announced FIFA 14 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and we have all the details, as well as the first screens.

The publisher says that “innovations to the franchise’s gameplay will make FIFA 14 the complete matchday experience, introducing features that inspire fans to build play through midfield, dictate the tempo of a match and create rewarding opportunities.”

One of the main new features in FIFA 14 called Pure Shot, which EA says “transforms” finishing so players have the intelligence to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position for hitting the back of the net. “Well-hit balls feel more exhilarating and rewarding,” says EA.

New shot types include pure strikes, as well as off-balance and rushed shots. Plus, Real Ball Physics now determines the trajectories of balls, enabling players to kick the ball with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping or turbulent shots. Meanwhile, EA says that a brand-new ball physics system will “transform shooting”, making every shot attempt feel real, and “when players connect with the perfect strike, feel exhilarating.”

“FIFA 14 will play the way great football matches are contested with build up through midfield, tension throughout the match as chances are created, and incredible finishing,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer for FIFA 14. “Opportunities in FIFA 14 will be rewarding and great goals will look stunning.”

Other new features include Protect The Ball, which will enable players to fend-off and block defenders from the ball while dribbling at any speed, or out-muscle opponents for position before receiving the pass, then turn defenders to carve out opportunities. Teammate Intelligence has also been improved on both sides of the ball. New decision-making logic delivers tighter, smarter marking and improved run tracking where defenders recognize opportunities to provide support and win back possession, while attacking players have new ways to outsmart their opponents by creating space for themselves, running along the backline and checking their pace. Major changes to ball control add new tools to win the midfield battles. Sprint Dribble Turns enable players to turn in every direction at sprint speed while preserving momentum, delivering the control and confidence to take on defenders one-on-one. Variable Dribble Touches introduces variety on touches when sprinting. Skilled players will have better touch and more control when sprinting with the ball.

In addition and as seen in some of the screens below, FIFA 14 is introducing bug changes to Career Mode. The new Global Scouting Network allows players to develop and refine a scouting network and search for talent year-round. Scouts can evaluate footballers all over the world to uncover the attributes and traits of every player in the game, in preparation for the transfer windows. Plus there is also a new, redesigned hub which will house the entire career mode.

Other services will also make a return, such as EA SPORTS Football Club, while there will also be changes to FIFA Ultimate Team, a new online Mode that will encourage social competition, multiple new features and more than 500 officially licensed clubs.

EA says that ‘Additional Platforms’ will be revealed in the months ahead.

The game is currently scheduled for ‘Autumn 2013’.

Here’s an overview of the Key Features (Via EA press release):

Pure Shot – Shooting has been transformed. Players have the intelligence to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position for hitting the back of the net. Well-hit balls feel satisfying and goals are rewarding. As well as quality strikes, players can now shoot while off balance or rushed.
Real Ball Physics – Strike the ball with more force and finesse. Realistic ball physics now determines the trajectories of balls in game, enabling players to strike the ball with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping or swerving shots, just like real footballers.
Protect The Ball – Dominate midfield and dictate the tempo of a match. Fend-off and block defenders from the ball while dribbling at any speed. Protect the ball from opponents to control play through midfield and dictate the pace of the match. Plus, out-muscle opponents for position before receiving the ball, then turn defenders to carve out opportunities.
Teammate Intelligence – Better decision-making delivers tighter, smarter marking and improved run tracking. Defenders recognize opportunities to provide support and win back possession. Attacking players have new ways to outsmart their opponents and break down tighter, more intelligent defences by creating space for themselves, running along the backline and checking their pace.
Sprint Dribble Turns – Utilize quick, explosive cuts and turns to beat defenders one-on-one while sprinting with the ball. Players can move in any direction, preserving their natural momentum and maintaining possession of the ball.
Variable Dribble Touches – The First Touch Control of dribbling varies a player’s touch when dribbling with pace. Skilled players have the touch and control to stand out while less skilled players will experience fewer perfect touches and more uncertainty dribbling, creating opportunities for defenders to win back possession, and placing emphasis on building play through midfield.
2nd Chance Tackles – The tackling zone has been extended to enable defenders to combine different types of tackles, recover from missed tackles quickly, and have a second chance to compete for the ball in any tackling situation.
Curling Lofted Through Balls – Players have the ability to curl the ball around opponents to deliver precision passes to teammates or send the ball into space.
Skill Games – A?competitive practice mode that enable players to learn or master the fundamental skills necessary to compete at FIFA 14. Become a better player, faster, no matter what your skill level, competing against yourself or friends in all-new mini-games.
Career Mode – Search for talent year-round with the new Global Scouting Network that brings the world of professional scouting to life. Develop and refine your own scouting network. Evaluate footballers to uncover the attributes of players who could bolster your squad during the transfer windows. A new hub delivers easy navigation, fewer interruptions and live scouting reports.
Complete Authenticity – All the authenticity EA SPORTS is known for with officially licensed clubs, leagues and more than 15,000 players.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014 Review

With the rather ropey past few years finally behind him, Tiger Woods has slowly rebuilt his career, moving away from all of the bad publicity and finding himself a new lady, with EA also helping the way by sticking with him and producing some rather good golf games, harnessing on Tigers amazing career so far and reminding us just why he was so great.
The latest in the long running Tiger Woods PGA Tour series brings to the console once again another solid entry, offering the best digital golf experience, not an easy accomplishment considering what has come before and yes, it is more of the same, but with plenty of tweaks to the game engine and new game modes to warrant another annual purchase.The most obvious addition is the new Legends of The Majors mode, allowing you to play as golfing greats through the ages, participating in some of the most famous games in golf history, starting in the 1880’s and then taking us through the 1930’s to more modern golfers with Ballesteros in the 1980’s and of course, Tigers phenomenal run. Each era is full of challenges like recreating perfect shots or competing in classic matches, with each required to be completed before unlocking the next. This mode is full of little tricks and nods to past greats, making the experience that little bit more enjoyable like the sepia filtered 1800’s games, along with Victorian crowds and antique clubs, though punching the air after a good shot is most unbecoming of a gentleman.Newcomers are as ever treated to an in depth tutorial, showing the basics of the Total Swing Control before you take to the larger, more challenging courses with single player alone offering weeks of gameplay, with 20 courses (plus another 20 via DLC) to try in quick modes and also a career mode, creating your perfect golfer from various customisation tools, tinkering with looks down to your preferred golfer swing style from power or control, draw or fade, starting you off as a rookie and proving your worth before taking on the four major tournaments and another first for the series, the official women’s LPGA.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 however is definitely a game created with online in mind, allowing you to again join or create Country Clubs, allowing you to compete against similar minded players and even take part in the huge selection of Live Tournaments. Created with a variety of skills in mind, you can compete in small games like 5 hole shootouts or lengthy invitational, all with another 23 players all taking part at the same time, with real time shot lines appearing all over the place, letting you see your competitors approaches.No matter what you play, on or offline you will continually earn XP, slowly levelling up your player which in turn unlocks a serious amount of equipment to spend your winnings on, allowing you to create your dream club setup or just look sharp on the course with some new threads.Graphically you can’t fault the game, from perfectly created players, each with their own familiar swing styles to great looking greens and fairways, all now playable at any time of the day, with even more realism gained with a TV feel to the major events with various camera angles, leaderboards and course hints and tips.

The dreaded words “Better with Kinect” haunt the top of the box and to be fair, it acts as expected, a little fiddly on the menu navigation but satisfying and adding a little realism to the actual swing, making it a little more than a gimmick but still will never replace the classic controller setup, though a surprising exclusion is that for the full experience you also need the Xbox Live Vision, yep the Kinect’s forgotten little brother needs to be dusted off if you want to create a “realistic” image of yourself for the game face.

With so many new tweaks and a full complement of courses and tournaments there is not much left for the next release, with the next generation of consoles coming just in time, who knows what will be release this time next year, I for one am looking forward to next year’s release of a Trump International Golf Links with lovey wind farms in the background or the world class Hampsom Park pitch and putt.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon revealed

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a new stand alone title which will arrive for purchase on May 1.

Details of the game have appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The only multiplayer feature listed is leaderboards, so it sounds like this will be a single-player campaign or maybe even some sort of challenge mode.
Here’s what the description says:”Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is THE Kick-Ass Cyber Shooter taking place on a bizarre open-world island crawling with evil. Welcome to an 80’s VHS vision of the future. The year is 2007 and you are Sargent Rex Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando who’s fighting against a cyborg army gone rogue. Your mission: get the girl, kill the baddies, and save the world. Experience every clich? of a VHS era vision of a nuclear future, where cyborgs, blood dragons, mutants, and Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens, Navy Seals) collide. Playing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon doesn’t require a copy of Far Cry 3.”

We have no idea if this will appear on any other platforms but will keep you informed.

Rumour: Battlefield 4 deploying October 29th

Whoops! Looks like Microsoft might have let slip on when Battlefield 4 will be launching.

According to a post originally found on the Xbox forums, Microsoft published that the next title in the Battlefield series, BF4, will be releasing on October 29th 2013. The post was quickly captured by members of gaming forum, NeoGAF, and luckily too as Microsoft edited the page quickly.?
Battlefield 4 is, at the moment, officially announced fo PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. No release date other than ‘Fall 2013’ has been confirmed, but keep an out and we’ll be sure to let you know when we find out.?
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